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The Best Survival Flashlight is undoubtedly an LED Flashlight. Period! But don't kid yourself, just because a Flashlight has LED's, doesn't necessary qualify it as a Survival Flashlight. What's the Best Survival Flashlight? A Survival Flashlight should be rugged, water-proof, reliable, and it should have a tail-cap switch. Ideally it will use batteries that can be recharged. The Survival Flashlight you choose should also produce a significant amount of Lumens. There are a lot of good Flashlights on the market, Here are some of the Best.

LUMEN: The amount of light emitted through a one-square foot opening from a source that's one foot away, emitting one candle-power in all directions. (Amount of light passing through a one foot opening by a birthday candle placed one foot away from the opening.)